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*FTTH fiber optic drop cable is Fiber to Home, which used for linking the equipment and components in the fiber optic network. It is widely used for outdoor.

*Below is Bow type fiber optic drop cable GJX(F)H. It is position between two parallel steel wire or FRP.Then this cable is completed  with black or white LSZH sheath. It is for linking the equipment and components in building or house.

GJXFH-1F  USD$0.037-0.044/m

GJXFH-2F  USD$0.0529-0.0597/m

GJXH-1F  USD$0.032-0.040/m

GJXH-2F  USD$0.0520-0.0590/m

GJXH-4F  USD$0.0817-0.0895/m

*Below is Self-supporting fiber optic drop cable GJXCH. Its fibers is position between two parallel FRP / steel wire. Then it is self-supported by diameter 1.0mm steel wire. Last this cable is completed with black or white LSZH sheath.

*This optical drop cable is used to overhead between buildings to link equipment components, such as Cable Television(CATV), Media Converter, Active Device Termination, Premise Installations etc.

GJXCH-1F  USD$0.047-0.0537/m

GJXCH-4F  USD$0.087-0.099/m

GJXCH-12F  USD$0.297-0.343/m

GJXCH-2F  USD$0.059-0.064/m

Cable Structure2 parallel FRP2 parallel steel wire2 parallel steel wire+1 surpporting steel wire
Core Number1core or 2core1core, 2core,4core1core, 2core,4core, 8core ore 12core
Fiber Typesingle mode, G657A1single mode, G657A1single mode, G657A1
Allowable Tensile Strength(Short Term)80 N120N600N
Allowable Tensile Strength(Long Term)40N60N300N
Allowable Crush Resistance(Short Term)1000 (N/100mm)2200 (N/100mm)2200 (N/100mm)
Allowable Crush Resistance(Long Term)500 (N/100mm)1000 (N/100mm)1000 (N/100mm)
Minimum Static Bend Radius10 times10 times15 times
Minimum Dynamic Bend Radius20 times20 times30 times
Operation Temperature-40℃~+70℃-40℃~+70℃-40℃~+70℃
Diameter(2.0±0.2)x(3.0±0.2)mm(2.0±0.2)x(3.0±0.2)mm(4.0±0.2) x (6.2±0.2)mm
ColorBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or White

*Fiber optic drop cable price is as reference, may changed expensive or cheaper caused by  dollar exchange rate and other cost.

*Price is based on 40HQ order, you can choose different type to mix in one container.


*If your order is different from 40HQ, please contact us to get best price.

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